We are excited about what God is doing in our midst, our church, and the body of Christ globally!

In spite of so much turmoil plaguing our world that’s more destructive than we’ve ever seen before, we have hope – our hope that the best day of our lives is yet to come! Pastor Jimmy Evan’s summer series “The Best Day of Your Life” broadened our perspective about Heaven. While we’re still on this side of eternity, God calls us to be good stewards in every area of our lives – our families, marriages, finances, career/business, and ministry.

Good stewards always seek to clarify their vision, grow in their leadership, and improve their strategies to become more effective influencers. As parents, now more than ever we need to be intentional in equipping ourselves with God’s truth to think generationally and become our children’s primary influence as mentors and coaches.

After all, parenting is about building strong relationships with our children.

When God gives us a vision, it comes to us in raw form. As the vision grows and becomes clearer, it pulls us toward it and we become captured with a passion to materialize it. It is no longer about us having a vision, but the vision having us! We see that in the life of Paul the apostle who became passionate about reaching the Jews and gentiles with the Gospel. In our modern times, we are witnesses of a similar scenario in the life of our very own pastor Robert Morris. He had a vision to build a church using effective strategies to reach more people. Today, our church not only reaches people locally, but it also has become a beacon in the global stage.

What vision has God shown you for you and your family? We pray that as God amplifies your vision, you yield to His leading. His vision in your life extends beyond you and your children, your past and your present. God has your future generations in mind!

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Dina is wife, mother and visionary. She loves God, life and family.

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