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Nestor & Dina Lima

Family Coaches & Creators of Beyond Parenting and The Beyond Parenting Model

Nestor and Dina Lima are a dynamic duo who speak and coach on parenting. They are passionate about family and helping parents become the best guides possible for their children. They are authors of the curriculum, Beyond Parenting: Building a Godly Dynasty and creators of The Beyond Parenting Model. Together they help parents feel confident and less stressed about parenting. The Lima’s have been married for over two decades and have two daughters.

Sharing their personal experience in an authentic and down-to-earth style, Nestor and Dina inspire others to feel intelligent and confident about raising children. With easy to follow instructions and motivated to follow through, parents feel passionate about building a godly legacy.

The Lima’s are founders of Nestor Lima Ministries. Nestor is a Bible teacher, author and life coach. His works include Encounter With Your Life Purpose, Your Maximum Life, and Mastering the Art of Personal Leadership. Nestor and Dina co-wrote the curriculum, Beyond Parenting: Building a Godly Dynasty. Dina Lima is a wife, mother and entrepreneur, and will soon publish her work, It’s All About Relationship: The Secret to an Incredible Parenting Adventure.


2006. Florida. The Shamu Show at Sea World. Before the show began, the trainers explained how they train the majestic killer whales. A bar is placed under water. The creature is trained to jump over the bar. As the whale obeys the command, a handful of fish awaits it on the other end of the pool. If the whale goes under the bar, there is no reward.

Nestor whispered a simple prayer that went something like this: “Lord if humans can control these enormous beasts and direct them to obey a certain command to encourage the desired behavior, show me how I can raise my daughters in such a way that I can encourage godly behavior.”

The Lima’s got two terrific ideas: “Power Points” (a reward system designed to encourage good behavior) and “Power Conversations” (topical conversations to instill Biblical values). As soon as they returned from their trip, they introduced these two ideas as a new game they’d play as a family.

During family dinners, they began holding regular chats with their daughters who were ages three and five at the time. Through “Power Conversations” they mentored and coached their daughters on principles for successful living. The results were amazing—they noticed incredible personal growth while a strong family bond formed.

Through this process, they discovered that effective parenting is founded in relationship. Years later, they decided to share their story and wrote the curriculum, Beyond Parenting: Building a Godly Dynasty. Their passion became their mission—to help parents effectively connect with the hearts of their children as mentors and coaches.


Nestor and Dina have been married for over two decades and have two daughters, Gianna and Nathalia. Both daughters attend The King’s University in Southlake, Texas where they’re pursuing degrees that align with their calling in Messianic Jewish Studies and Biblical Counseling, respectively. As a family, they enjoy soccer, Tex-Mex dining and being part of their Gateway Church family where they serve in Groups, Equip and Jewish Ministry.