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What makes Beyond Parenting so different?

We believe relationship-based parenting makes the monumental task of raising children less stressful and frustrating.

Understandably, some parents steer away from their strict upbringing methods by placing emphasis on friendship with little boundaries. Others practice certain values and family traditions that, although founded in good motives, could be disempowering. Yet others, while not realizing it, may be parenting from a place of pain that hinders personal and spiritual growth. Lecturing, yelling, intimidating or being emotionally disengaged does not work in parenting.

How can we prepare to do the best job possible as parents?

Think about this.

From doctors to teachers to hair dressers society requires and expects specialized education and preparation before rendering their expertise in the marketplace.

What about raising humans?

Is there a parenting framework we could use? Is there a guide we can lean on to raise remarkable adults?

We’re happy to report there is. Like other family solutions that actually work, the answer is hiding in plain sightin our Bibles.

We call it The Beyond Parenting Model, but really it’s God’s Parenting Model.

We discovered that in order to raise well-adjusted adults who respect, trust and love us and embrace our spiritual heritage, we must go back to approaching parenting the way God intendedholistically, nurturing the body, the soul and the spirit of the child.

Though modern conveniences make our lives easier, our schedules are too full, our family relationships are broken, and our children are stressed-out. 

What happened? Our family ecosystem is way out of line. We must change course if we are to save our families.

And sustainable change begins at home.

The Beyond Parenting Model helps parents build strong family bonds.

A strong emotional bond ensures that, regardless of their choices, the parent-child relationship remains strong.

Emotional connection is crucial. Without it we cannot minister to our children’s spiritual needs, let alone build a godly dynasty.

We are triune beings composed of body, soul and spirit, and each area has specific needs.







When these 3 areas of our lives are properly cared for, we experience a state of wholenesswe are fulfilled and happy. What can people accomplish when they are emotionally healthy? There is no goal they cannot complete, no challenge they cannot conquer.

Emotionally healthy children have incredible focus because of their inner peace, which helps them thrive in all areas of life. Will children still make mistakes? Absolutely. But their shortcomings will NOT be fatal.

We teach parents the importance of going beyond a Provider-centered mindset—which concentrates on meeting children’s basic needs of food, clothes and shelter—to kicking it up a notch by also focusing on meeting their children’s emotional and spiritual needs as a Mentor and Coach.







We help parents revolutionize their parenting by thinking beyond the present and a provider-centered mindset. 

We help parents develop a clear family vision built upon Biblical values that will help them build their godly dynasty.

Ready to Become the Best Parent You Can Be?

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