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Become the Best Parent You Can Be

Eliminate Fears • Feel Confident • Live Happy

Become a Better Person

Become a Better Parent

Build Your Legacy

Do you fear failing as a parent?

Are you concerned about ...

  • Repeating similar mistakes your parents made?
  • Passing on negative behavioral patterns?
  • Failing to equip your children to make good choices?
  • Failing to do parenting right?
  • Hurting your children like you were hurt?
  • Failing to pass on a healthy spiritual heritage?

Parenting doesn't have be full of frustration and disappointment.

We feel your pain and understand your frustration.

  • We've helped hundreds of parents feel confident and less stressed about parenting.
  • Our parenting philosophy is anchored on timeless Judeo-Christian values.
  • We offer practical advice you can start using today.

Feel Confident.

Become a Better Person

When you’re emotionally healed you become a strong and confident person. The Beyond Parenting online course will help you get there.

Become a Better Parent

We teach you how to improve your relationship through meaningful conversations so that you are the voice your children respect, trust and love. 

Build Your Legacy

Grow your relationship and give your children, and your future generations, the best life possible because they deserve it and so do you.

What Parents are Saying

“My 14-year old son was very spoiled, had dropped his school grades and would just lock himself up in his room. After only two ‘power conversations’ he’s a totally different person! His behavior, school grades, smile and even friendships have changed!”

“Perfect timing! I started going through a lot with my son and his behavior. I was able to get closer to God during this process and learned how to deal with my son.”

“Beyond Parenting has tremendously impacted my confidence in knowing that I now have the tools to parent my children as God has called me to.”

“Even though I am an experienced parent I have learned techniques that have already taken my relationship with my children to a much deeper level.”

What makes Beyond Parenting so different?

Beyond Parenting centers on raising children using a relational approach.

Our Beyond Parenting Plan is Simple

Improve your parenting skills in 3 easy steps ...

Enroll in Online Course

Learn new parenting skills that will take you from average to awesome.


Experience inner healing and eliminate all your parenting fears.

Build Your Legacy

Create a blessed heritage for your children and grandchildren.

Go from feeling unprepared and insecure to feeling smart and confident.

Ready to Become the Best Parent You Can Be?